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Pennsylvania AG candidate refuses to disclose "original sources" of campaign contributions

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports: Republican attorney general candidate Tom Corbett yesterday could not identify the individuals and PACs who made up a $480,000 campaign contribution.

But Corbett insisted that the contribution from the Republican State Leadership Committee was legal and suggested that his opponent examine IRS documents, which would list all the contributors.

Corbett was responding to a Philadelphia judge who on Friday gave him 12 hours from the 4:30 p.m. ruling to disclose the "original sources" of the hefty contribution, which came from a fund-raising group that supports Republican attorneys general in their campaigns across the country.

Yesterday, Corbett's response failed to pacify his opponent, Democrat Jim Eisenhower, who looked at ways to stop Corbett from spending the money.

Eisenhower had demanded that Corbett show that the contribution did not include corporate money, which is illegal in Pennsylvania. Gifts from individuals, partnerships such as law firms, and political action committees are legal. -- Big contribution legal, Corbett says (Philadelphia Inquirer)