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E-voting machines

E-Commerce Times reports: Hundreds of separate instances of electronic voting problems were reported in the U.S. during yesterday's elections, enough to give critics of e-voting ammunition for their continued battle against its use, but not nearly enough to affect the outcome of the election, as some had feared.

In a press conference late yesterday, representatives from the Electronic Frontier Foundation Latest News about Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), VerifiedVoter.org and other groups that have raised concerns about e-voting said they had received more than 1,100 individual reports of e-voting problems to a toll free number it had established to monitor the e-vote.

The most common problem involved voting machines indicating that the candidate chosen was one other than that picked by the voter. In other places, e-voting machines were unavailable for stretches of time, causing delays, with machines in the supposed swing states of Florida and Pennsylvania among those that experienced glitches or slowdowns. Some activists said they witnessed voters leaving lengthy lines caused by such delays.

Cindy Cohn, a lawyer for the EFF, which has raised a host of concerns about e-voting -- from potential lost votes to possible hacking -- said it's logical to assume the problems reported are a fraction of those that occurred and that some voters might have miscast ballots without knowing it. -- E-Commerce News: Politics: E-Voting Debate Continues in Aftermath of Election