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Florida -- lawsuits attacking new constitutional amendments

Abstract Appeal reports: Well, Florida's voters had little trouble playing along in the fight between Florida's doctors and its plaintiffs' lawyers. Voters approved Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 3, the shot across the bow fired by doctors at the plaintiffs' bar, capping attorney's fees in medical liability cases. Voters also approved the retaliatory amendments proposed by the plaintiffs' lawyers -- Proposed Amendment No. 7 and Proposed Amendment No. 8, which, respectively, make medical records relating to adverse medical incidents public and establish a "three strikes" rule for doctors. (For more on these proposals, see this prior post.)

These matters are not yet settled, though.

This story from today's St. Pete Times describes how the plaintiffs' bar is contemplating a federal constitutional challenge to No. 3 and how the medical establishment has already filed a suit relating to No. 7. -- Abstract Appeal -- by Matt Conigliaro

Conigliaro's post has links the the stories he mentions.