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Daschle drops suit against GOP intimidation

AP reports: A lawsuit filed by Sen. Tom Daschle that sought to prevent Republican poll watchers from intimidating American Indian voters will be dropped, a spokesman for Daschle said Monday.

''Now that Election Day has come and gone, the issue is moot,'' said Dan Pfeiffer, deputy campaign manager for Daschle, who lost his bid for a fourth U.S. Senate term last week. ...

The Daschle campaign alleged that Republican poll watchers had intimidated Indian voters in Lake Andes, an area that votes heavily Democratic.

After a hearing that lasted into the early morning on Election Day, U.S. District Judge Lawrence Piersol of Sioux Falls partially granted Daschle's request to limit the activities of Republican poll watchers.

The temporary restraining order, issued about five hours before polls opened, prohibited GOP poll watchers in Charles Mix County from following Indian voters out of polling places. It also barred them from taking down the license numbers of vehicles that delivered Indian voters to polling places. -- American News | 11/09/2004 | Lawsuit to be dropped on alleged voter intimidation