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Wyoming: legislative committee weakens campaign finance law

AP reports: A campaign finance disclosure law that threatened to bar violators from taking office could soon be weakened by stripping that penalty and allowing candidates to file up to a month late.

Last year was the first year that candidates for public office were required to disclose their campaign receipts seven days before the primary or general election, followed by a second deadline after the election.

Several candidates missed the deadlines, and there was talk of excluding the violators who won their primaries from the general election. They remained eligible after Attorney General Pat Crank issued an opinion giving them until the certification of the primary results to submit their information.

House Bill 81 would remove the law's two penalties: a misdemeanor charge and disqualification for office. Its supporters include Secretary of State Joe Meyer.

Meyer on Thursday told the Joint Corporations, Elections and Political Subdivisions Committee, which is sponsoring the bill, that it seems wrong to deny the will of the majority of people who vote for a candidate. -- Legislative committee endorses weaker campaign finance law

What's the point of having a deadline if there is no death associated with it?