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Kerry says voter suppression occurred in election

AP reports: Sen. John F. Kerry, in some of his most pointed public comments yet about the presidential election, invoked Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy on Monday as he criticized President Bush and decried reports of voter disenfranchisement.

The Massachusetts Democrat, Bush's challenger in November, spoke at Boston's annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Breakfast. He reiterated that he decided not to challenge the election results, but said "thousands of people were suppressed in the effort to vote."

"Voting machines were distributed in uneven ways. In Democratic districts, it took people four, five, 11 hours to vote, while Republicans [went] through in 10 minutes -- same voting machines, same process, our America," he said.

In his comments, Kerry also compared the democracy-building efforts in Iraq with voting in the United States, saying that Americans had their names purged from voting lists and were kept from casting ballots. -- Kerry Cites Suppressed Votes in Election (washingtonpost.com)


Kerry is the same uninformed blowhard he has always been. No one has come up with a single disenfranchised voter, only some who were slightly inconvenienced. I challenge his assertion that people waited 11 hours to vote.

Voting machines were distributed equally. In Cuyahoga County, Ohio, there was one machine for each 177 voters, regardless of where in the County the district was.