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New York: Pataki in the "wild west of campaign finance"

The Syracuse Post-Standard reports: Gov. George Pataki declared Nov. 18, 2003, "Jane Forbes Clark Day" all across the state of New York.

Eight days later, Clark, the wealthy chairwoman of Cooperstown's National Baseball Hall of Fame Museum, wrote a $25,000 check to a little-known Pataki campaign account.

That brought her to $80,000 for the election cycle - well more than double the legal limit for campaign contributions in New York.

This is legal, however, because Clark sent that check and others to Pataki's political action committee established in Virginia, where there are no limits on campaign contributions.

"Virginia's a very popular locale because it is, as we call it, the wild, wild West of campaign finance," said Larry Sabato, director for the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia. "There are no rules." -- Pataki uses Va. account with no campaign limits


This campaign finance reform effort (McCain-Feingold, etc.) looks more hopeless all the time.