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Minnesota: ex-rep collected and spent campaign funds 2 years after losing

AP reports: Former Minnesota Rep. Bill Luther, out of office since 2002, accepted $12,500 in donations and generated $63,442 in bills for campaign office expenses, travel and gasoline the past two years, according to a published report.

The Democrat's spending is being questioned by Republicans and others who wonder how he could count the expenses as campaign costs when he mounted no campaign in 2003 or 2004, the Star Tribune reported Saturday. ...

Luther, who spent four terms in Congress and two decades in the state Legislature, told the newspaper the expenses reflect an ongoing process of winding down campaign activities after 28 years in public life.

"I have not been pursuing any kind of campaign," he said. "It's just a winding-down of expenses and campaign activities, liquidating property and stuff like that." -- AP Wire | 01/29/2005 | Former congressman Luther still raising, spending campaign cash