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FEC raises campaign contribution limits

AP reports: Consumers aren't the only ones getting hit by inflation. Campaign donors will also feel its effect as candidates and political parties raise money for the 2006 elections.

The Federal Election Commission on Thursday raised donation limits to compensate for inflation, the first time it has done so. That means congressional candidates and national party committees can now ask donors for more money. ...

Under the new limits, congressional candidates can raise $2,100 for their primary campaigns and another $2,100 for general-election campaigning from each individual donor. Previously, candidates could only ask individual givers for up to $2,000 for the primaries and another $2,000 for the general election.

National political party committees can now ask individuals to give up to $26,700 a year, an increase of $1,700 over the old limit.

The FEC also raised the overall amount an individual donor can give on the federal level.

A contributor can now make a total of $101,400 in congressional, party and political action committee donations during the 2005-06 election cycle. The previous two-year limit was $95,000. -- AP Wire | 02/03/2005 | Campaign Donation Limits Get Boost