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California: is Arnold "controlling" a political committee

The Sacramento Bee reports: A political watchdog group accused Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of violating California campaign finance law in a complaint filed Monday with the state's Fair Political Practices Commission.

TheRestOfUs.org, a nonprofit organization that monitors campaign fund raising, said the governor is breaking the law by "controlling" the activities of a business group's finance committee that is raising money to support Schwarzenegger's agenda in a series of ballot measures.

If he were in control of the committee, which aides to the governor insist he's not, FPPC rules imposed last year would prohibit individual contributions in excess of $22,300.

The committee in question, Citizens to Save California, has not yet reported any contributions. But it has been soliciting donations without limits. It plans to help Schwarzenegger reach his goal of raising $50 million for four measures he wants on a special election ballot later this year. His package includes drawing new legislative district lines, restricting state spending and converting the state's pension system to a 401(k)-style retirement plan. -- California - Group claims governor breaks fund-raising rules - sacbee.com