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Texas: testimony in TRMPAC case

The New York Times reports: The fund-raising strategy of a political committee set up by the House majority leader, Representative Tom DeLay, and Republican loyalists in his home state, Texas, were the focus of testimony this week in a civil trial being closely watched by local prosecutors who have already indicted two of Mr. DeLay's closest political aides.

The two aides, based in Washington, were charged last year with involvement in what prosecutors have described as a brazen scheme by the political action committee to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal corporate donations to Republican candidates in the state's 2002 elections. Texas law bars companies from donating to state candidates. ...

In testimony this week on behalf of the five defeated Democratic candidates in the lawsuit, a former Republican chairman of the Federal Election Commission, Trevor Potter, said that Texans for a Republican Majority was "a highly sophisticated political operation" that had clearly violated state election laws.

Mr. Potter suggested he was especially disturbed by a September 2002 transaction in which the Texas committee donated $190,000 in corporate money to the Republican National Committee, which then quickly sent out checks totaling the same amount to several Texas candidates. -- The New York Times > Washington > Testimony at Texas Trial Focuses on Use of Donations