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Democratic primary calendar

DailyKos reports and opines: The DNC commission looking into the primary calendar (and whether IA and NH should maintain their unfairly exhalted role) happened last week, and it looks like nothing much happened.

The less happens, the better for IA and NH. They need nothing to happen to keep the gravy train flowing. For all the high-minded talk of maintaing "retail politics", Iowa and New Hampshire couldn't give two shits about "retail politcs", otherwise they'd be happy to share the wealth with a rotating calendar.

There are other small states in which "retail politics" could take place. But NH and IA has a cottage industry of consultants who make a killing off presidential campaigns. In Iowa, party bosses are wined and dined around the clock, without letup, by candidates seeking their support. The local economy gets a jolt every four years from traveling campaigns and media -- hotels, car rentals, dining establishments, etc.

And aside from money -- the local political establishments fancy themselves presidential kingmakers. That sort of power is hard to surrender. -- Daily Kos :: Dem commission looks into primary calendar


I hope the Democrats do something to end the domination of Iowa and New Hampshire in the major party presidential nomination process. Neither state is a model of free and fair elections, when it comes to letting minor parties into the system. The average state (during the last 25 years) has had one ballot-qualified minor party on the ballot, and most states have at least one ballot-qualified party right now. But Iowa and New Hampshire only recognize the Democratic and Republican Parties. Furthermore, even though both states let voters register into parties, neither state lets people register into any party other than Republican or Democratic.