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You are one of the "influentials"

The results of the BlogAds survey of you and your fellow blog readers have been posted: Now you can tell your pajama-bashing friends that the data from last week's blog reader survey indicates that 70% of blog readers are influentials, those articulate, networked 10% of Americans who set the agenda for the other 90%. (RoperASW, the folks who wrote the book on Influentials, have more information on the definition on influentials here.)

I guess the CBS guy just forgot to mention that those pajamas are silk, not rayon.

When I mentioned 70% data last Friday at the panel on influentials at the George Washington University conference on Online Politics, Carol Darr, the institute's director, said this ratio correlated with the data that her group had observed last year in a study of influentials online.

To put the blogosphere's influentials density in context, consider that the WashingtonPost.com likes to brag that 34% of its readers are influentials. -- Blogads weblog

Follow this link to see the detailed survey. Thanks to those of you who responded. The survey helps BlogAds sell ads to keep blogs going and it helps all of us understand blog readers better.