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Kentucky: State Senator indicted for vote fraud

AP reports: State Sen. Johnny Ray Turner and two others were indicted Thursday for mail fraud and conspiracy to rig his 2000 campaign with bought votes and phantom contributors. ...

The indictment alleges Turner and his coconspirators funneled money from Harris through straw contributors and illegally paid people to vote and hid it by claiming to pay them for driving voters to the polls during the 2000 Democratic primary.

The charges also allege Turner filed false reports to the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance.

"Vote hauling," as it is known and widely practiced, has long been acknowledged as a way to influence elections. But paying vote haulers is not illegal in Kentucky.

[U.S. Attorney George F.] Van Tatenhove said Turner's campaign never expected or received legitimate services for the payments. -- AP Wire | 05/05/2005 | State senator indicted for mail fraud relating to campaign

Now we see that Turner was not accused of "vote hauling" but of NOT vote hauling.