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Alabama: another revelation of Indian gambling money to the Alabama Christian Coalition

AP reports: An $850,000 donation from an anti-tax organization to the Alabama Christian Coalition came from an Indian tribe that runs a casino in Mississippi, according to the president of the tax organization.

Americans for Tax Reform also gave $300,000 to an organization formed to fight former Gov. Don Siegelman's proposal to create a lottery in Alabama to fund education programs, the organization's president, Grover Norquist, told The Boston Globe newspaper.

Alabama Christian Coalition President John Giles confirmed Friday that his organization received the donation from Americans for Tax Reform in 2000, but he said he was not aware it came from a Mississippi Indian tribe. ...

[Ralph Reed's earlier admission of a similar contribution] fueled efforts in the Alabama Legislature this session to pass legislation to require nonprofit groups to disclose the source of money used to buy advertising to influence the outcome of referendums, like the lottery vote. The bill passed the House but was delayed in the Senate after opponents staged a four-week filibuster.

The sponsor, Rep. Randy Hinshaw, D-Huntsville, said he believes there may be an effort to revive the bill Monday, on the final day of the 2005 session of the Legislature. -- Welcome to TimesDaily.com