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California: Ward Connerly failed to report $1.7 million, pays $95,000 fine

AP reports: Affirmative action opponent Ward Connerly has agreed to pay $95,000 to settle a state lawsuit that accused him and his American Civil Rights Coalition of violating campaign laws by failing to reveal the source of $1.7 million in contributions.

California's campaign watchdog, the Fair Political Practices Commission, said Wednesday that the settlement also requires Connerly and the ACRC to admit they violated campaign finance laws and to file required donation disclosure reports.

The suit, filed by the FPPC on Sept. 3, 2003, involved contributions to support Proposition 54, Connerly's unsuccessful ballot measure to restrict state and local governments' ability to collect racial data.

The measure was rejected by voters in a special election in October 2003 after opponents argued that it would hamper law enforcement, health programs and schools. -- Affirmative action opponent agrees to pay $95,000 to settle lawsuit