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Michigan: another Ward Connerly group accused of campaign finance violations

AP reports: A pro-affirmative action group has accused a Michigan group behind an anti-affirmative action ballot initiative of money laundering and other campaign finance violations.

The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration & Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality by Any Means Necessary (BAMN) claims that the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative and California affirmative action opponent Ward Connerly have unlawfully refused to disclose who has donated most of the funding for their efforts. ...

According to the complaint, MCRI received $713,464 in 2004, with $545,693 of that coming from Connerly's California-based American Civil Rights Coalition.

But the Michigan group didn't include a list of people who gave money to ACRC in their state campaign finance report, thus concealing the identities of the people who contributed about three quarters of their funding, the complaint says. -- Group accuses anti-affirmative action group of campaign finance violations

A similar case in California is reported here.