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Philadelphia: proposed campaign rules will likely be upheld

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports: Philadelphia's proposed new laws limiting campaign contributions by some city contractors, if approved by the voters this fall, are likely to withstand any legal challenge.

So say experts in campaign-finance law and reform advocates from around the country.

"I have no doubt that any challenge to this sort of pay-to-play law will fail in the courts, and fail quickly," said Craig Holman, campaign-finance lobbyist for Public Citizen, a Washington-based organization founded by Ralph Nader.

That said, the issue of whether state and local governments seeking to prevent corruption may impose special restrictions on a specific class of people - such as those seeking no-bid or professional-services contracts - has yet to reach the U.S. Supreme Court. -- Philadelphia Inquirer | 05/29/2005 | Courts OK similar ethics rules


Rules barring casino operators from making contributions have been struck down in one place, upheld in another. If the pay to play regs are carefuly written, I could see them being upheld on appearance of corruption grounds.