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New York: state won't investigate excess contributions

AP reports: The state has refused to investigate a detailed report of 96 companies in 14 counties which apparently contributed far more to local political campaigns than allowed by law, a state official confirmed.

The report found some companies spending two to three times above the limit set to control corporate influence in politics.

he report was compiled by the New York Public Interest Research Group and Common Cause and submitted to the state Board of Elections two years ago. The records include $18,575 spent by a Nassau County property valuation firm for state and local officials, including the local assessor, and $19,750 spent by a Rochester area firm on state and local campaigns, according to NYPIRG's report.

State law limits companies to $5,000 in total campaign contributions in a calendar year for state and local elections. The aim is to limit the influence of narrow interests on public policy and to limit the ability of companies to gain unfair advantages in landing government contracts. -- New York City