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Mississippi: follow the money

The Biloxi Sun-Herald reports: Three attorneys testified Thursday in U.S. District Court that they wrote checks that Biloxi lawyer Paul Minor requested for a Biloxi bed and breakfast owned by state Supreme Court Justice Oliver Diaz Jr. and his wife.

With the testimony, federal prosecutors were trying to show Minor demanded checks of $5,000 to $25,000 from the attorneys, but lied about his plans for the money.

All three attorneys thought their contributions, in October 2001, would go toward events for attorneys at the bed and breakfast, Green Oaks.

Instead, evidence has shown, Diaz and Jennifer Diaz, then his wife, used the money to help pay off a $75,000 loan Paul Minor had secured for Jennifer Diaz a year earlier at The Peoples Bank. She had put $73,000 of the proceeds into her husband's 2000 Supreme Court campaign fund. -- The Sun Herald | 06/10/2005 | Attorneys say Minor asked for checks