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Kos' remarks to the FEC

Kos told the FEC: How are Internet technologies different than their offline media counterparts?

The barriers to entry are ridiculously low. A computer and an Internet connection can turn anyone into a publisher who can speak to a mass audience. Every single one of the communication technologies I mentioned above - the blogging, podcasting, Yahoo Groups, etc - is available to people for free. By comparison, it takes millions to start or buy a newspaper, television station, magazine, or radio station.

And that low barrier to entry ensures that anyone can communicate. It ensures that corporations or labor unions or wealthy individuals have no bigger say than people like me. I am a former war refugee from El Salvador. Didn't speak English when I came to this country. I never had friends in influential places. I wasn't part of an old boy's network. My father, a Greek immigrant, loaded freight in a warehouse. My mother, a Salvadoran immigrant, started off as a secretary. It is rare to see people of such modest backgrounds become media stars. Yet here is a medium that didn't care about things that didn't matter - like class, wealth, influence, or social networks.

I was able to rise to where I am today precisely because of the purely democratic nature of the Internet. And what's more, me being at the top of the blogging world doesn't mean others can't publish their own blogs and some day displace me. It doesn't mean they can't podcast. It doesn't mean they can't create email distribution lists. The "spectrum" is infinite. Anyone who wants a voice can have a voice, and anyone who wants to listen to or read them can do so. -- Daily Kos: Political Analysis and other daily rants on the state of the nation.