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Texas: Dems' attorney wants TAB records

AP reports: An attorney representing defeated Democratic candidates wants to know which corporations gave the Texas Association of Business $1.7 million to mail ads to voters during the 2002 legislative campaign.

Attorney Buck Wood has threatened to sue three corporations identified as donors last year by the Austin American-Statesman unless the companies confirm or deny their involvement, the newspaper reported Sunday. Wood said he would name the corporations as defendants in his lawsuit against the TAB, the state's largest business organization.

Officials with the companies - AT&T Corp., Aetna Inc. and Cigna Corp. - are continuing their stance of not commenting because of pending criminal investigations and the threat of litigation.

Wood contends that the business association violated state law by raising and spending corporate money on two dozen legislative campaigns, then failing to disclose it to state campaign finance authorities.

He claims the association operated as a de facto political committee and should be required to disclose its donors under the state's campaign finance laws. He says 20,000 pages of documents he obtained from the association last week show it spent more on mailings than on its other operations, suggesting its primary purpose in 2002 was political. -- AP Wire | 07/03/2005 | Lawyer wants identities of TAB contributors