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California: AG sues to remove redistricting initiative from ballot

AP reports: Attorney General Bill Lockyer filed suit Friday to remove Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's redistricting initiative from the November ballot, saying supporters violated the state Constitution when they significantly changed the measure's wording.

Lockyer filed the suit in Sacramento County Superior Court as the issue becomes increasingly politicized between the attorney general, a Democrat, and Secretary of State Bruce McPherson, a Republican appointed by Schwarzenegger.

The measure is one of eight on the Nov. 8 special election ballot and one of three that are part of the governor's "Year of Reform" package.

"By opting to collect signatures on a ballot measure different from the text reviewed and approved by the attorney general, the proponents violated state law and deceived voters," Lockyer said in a statement. "Allowing access to the ballot for initiative proponents who switch or modify text during the signature gathering phase would defeat existing laws designed to protect the integrity of state elections and would corrupt the people's initiative process." -- L.A. Daily News - News


The California legislature has shown that politicians cannot be trusted to designate fair, reasonable, or unbiased districts. Unless we fix this broken system, which is contemptuous of the voters, itís hard to imagine we will ever see the meaningful reforms we need in budgeting, education, immigration, healthcare, transportation, and safety & security. We cannot delay redistricting six more years until the next Census Report. Delay means more Crises. Bill Mundell, Chairman, Californians for Fair Redistricting