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"Offshorers" gives lots to Bush and GOP

On the eve of his trip to Ohio to "focus on jobs,"[1] President Bush claimed yesterday that "we're creating jobs - good, high-paying jobs for the American citizen."[2] His comments come despite the country having lost more than 2 million manufacturing jobs since he was elected. In Ohio, which lost 270,000 manufacturing jobs alone, the economic crisis has raised questions about why the president last month strongly endorsed the outsourcing of U.S. jobs to cheap overseas labor markets. A look at the president's donors offers an answer.[3]

Misleader compared the companies that outsource the most U.S. jobs (referred to as "captive remote services companies" on page 11 of the trade association report noted below) with the president's campaign finance records.[4] The analysis shows that the president's campaign has pocketed more than $440,000 and his party more than $3.6 million in just 4 years. These companies have a direct stake in the president publicly supporting outsourcing and doing everything he can to water down or oppose legislation to curb the practice.[5] -- Why Bush Supports Outsourcing (Misleader.org)

The numbers in square brackets are footnotes to source material.

Remember when I complained about the report that lumped everyone who worked for a company into one group? Misleader also does so, but never has any fine print to explain that the company did not give the funds -- its employees and officers did. Only when you click on a link and get to a table does it say "donor occupation" and list individuals.