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Deatils about TRMPAC

Prosecutors are looking into how TRMPAC and the Texas Association of Business, the state's leading business lobby group, spent millions of corporate dollars to launch a powerful wave of partisan change. The wave could peak in November, with Republicans possibly winning a 22-10 margin in the Texas congressional delegation thanks to the contours of U.S. House districts redrawn by the GOP-led 2003 Legislature.

TRMPAC and TAB "made the difference," said lobbyist Bill Clayton, a former Democratic House speaker. "With big money, they got it done."

Critics contend the groups subverted state law forbidding political action committees from using corporate money for anything other than getting started and administrative expenses. ...

Neither group disputes they spent more than $2 million in corporate aid.

TAB, which spent corporate funds on leaflets praising GOP legislative candidates and criticizing their Democratic foes, say the mailouts to voters in more than 20 House districts were protected free speech, not illegal expenditures, because none directly urged a vote for or against a candidate.

TRMPAC's organizers say no items or services - ranging from group fund raising to a poll to legal bills, travel, entertainment, printing, stationery and postage - ran beyond permitted administrative expenses.

Depositions show TRMPAC succeeded with no employees. Everyone aboard - including two fund-raisers - was a contractor or volunteer. -- Group is no ordinary PAC (MySA.com)

Lots of details.