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Kentucky: county executive serves from jail

AP reports: A conviction and 16 months in federal prison for vote fraud and evidence of violation of campaign finance laws are not enough to force Knott County Judge-Executive Donnie Newsome out of office - at least not yet.

The Kentucky Court of Appeals on Friday said Newsome's opponent in the 2002 Democratic primary waited to long to challenge the outcome.

Mike Hall, who lost to Newsome defeated in the bitter 2002 Democratic primary by 520 votes, filed suit to have Newsome removed under a normal election challenge suit. But a unanimous three-judge appellate panel said the lawsuit was filed too late. ...

[Judge Rick] Johnson noted that after Newsome was incarcerated, he began cooperating with federal authorities and testified that he received $8,000 in campaign contributions that were not properly reported. -- AP Wire | 07/22/2005 | Appeals court: Convicted judge-executive may stay in office