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California: Legislative Counsel says governor can cancel special election

AP reports: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has the authority to cancel the November special election and can do so anytime before voting begins, according to an analysis released Tuesday by the nonpartisan California legislative counsel.

The ruling, which was drafted at the request of state Sen. Debra Bowen, D-Redondo Beach, came as another Democratic lawmaker announced he would introduce legislation calling on Schwarzenegger to scrap the election.

The developments were the latest in a series of skirmishes over the fate of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's embattled government reform agenda. But as Schwarzenegger expressed hope for a compromise with legislators over his ballot initiatives, his campaign team vowed to press ahead with a full-fledged campaign.

According to Deputy Legislative Counsel Christopher Dawson, the governor has the sole authority to rescind a proclamation calling for a special election. That contradicted an opinion by Secretary of State Bruce McPherson, who had suggested lawmakers could approve legislation by a two-thirds vote that would call off the election. -- AP Wire | 08/02/2005 | Governor can cancel special election, legislative counsel rules