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Virginia: Dems want the GOP to pay the piper

The Daily Progress reports: Democratic state legislators victimized three years ago by state GOP officials who eavesdropped on conference calls about a redistricting lawsuit offered Monday to help an insurance company sued last month by the Republican Party of Virginia.

The Republican Party sued its former insurer July 18, seeking $950,000 in reimbursement, including $200,000 for legal fees and $750,000 the party paid Democrats to settle an eavesdropping lawsuit in December.

Two Democratic delegates and six state senators sent a letter to the Richmond lawyer for Union Insurance Co. of Nebraska offering to assist the company “in any way possible to ensure that RPV and the other [GOP eavesdropping lawsuit] defendants remain accountable for their actions by bearing the cost of [last December’s] settlement.”

Democrats said in a news release that Jerry W. Kilgore, the Republican nominee for governor and former attorney general, could recoup $125,000 that his campaign fund paid in the settlement if the current lawsuit against the insurance company is successful. -- Democrats engage GOP insurer