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New Jersey: lawyer claims candidate violating campaign law

AP reports: A public interest lawyer on Wednesday charged Republican Douglas Forrester with intentionally skirting New Jersey law by licensing an insurance company out-of-state and using the shell operation to illegally funnel millions in loans to his largely self-financed gubernatorial campaign.

In the most scathing rebuke of the candidate and his finances to date, the lawyer, Bruce Afran of Princeton, accused Forrester of violating campaign finance laws enacted to prevent undue influence in state-regulated industries, such as insurance and banking. Among other things, the law bans insurance companies and those who own a majority stake in them from donating money to political causes.

Forrester owns a 51 percent interest in Heartland Fidelity Insurance Co., a Washington, D.C.-based company he started two years ago. Heartland insures the price of health benefit plans offered by BeneCard Services Inc., another Forrester company. ...

Banking and Insurance officials on Wednesday said they had requested additional documents from Heartland, two days after the company asked state regulators to look into the matter. -- AP Wire | 08/10/2005 | Lawyer claims Forrester's gubernatorial campaign violates law