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Texas: DeLay probably won't be indicted

Kos says: Many of us, me included, have harbored hopes that Ronnie Earle would work his way toward a DeLay indictment in his investigation of DeLay's illegal power grab.

And while the indictments have flown left and right, targetting a who's who of DeLay's Austin clique, we're going to have to surrender hopes that DeLay himself will get dragged into the fray.

A source close to the investigataion says it won't happen, and the reason is a technicality. Earle's jursidiction on election law violatioons extends only to the Travis County borders, and DeLay's home base is outside of Houston. DeLay would have to be investigated and indicted by the Fort Bend County DA. And given that he is a Republican, it ain't gonna happen. -- Daily Kos: State of the Nation