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Texas: the indictment of DeLay puts RNC aide in an uncomfortable position

The New York Times reports: The indictment of Representative Tom DeLay on Wednesday put the Republican National Committee in an uncomfortable spotlight, saying a top political aide to President Bush was the funnel through which $190,000 in improper donations passed in 2002.

According to the indictment, Terry Nelson, the political director in the 2004 Bush re-election campaign, was the individual who received the $190,000 check, which was made out to a division of the R.N.C. That check is alleged to have included money illegally accepted from corporations.

Mr. Nelson, the indictment says, simultaneously received a list of Republican candidates for the Texas State Legislature for whom the money was intended. Under Texas law, it is illegal for state candidates to use corporate contributions.

Mr. Nelson has not been indicted, nor has any other official from the Republican National Committee been implicated. A spokeswoman for the committee declined to comment. -- How a Tested Campaign Tool Led to Conspiracy Charges - New York Times

The article has a graphic showing how the money flowed from corporations to TRMPAC to the RNC with a list of state candidates to whom checks should be written.