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Texas: DeLay accuses Earle of grand-jury misconduct

The Washington Post reports: Lawyers for former House majority leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) asked a Texas court yesterday to quash his indictment on Oct. 3 for money laundering in the 2002 election on the grounds that the charge resulted from misconduct by the Texas prosecutor overseeing the case.

The Texas prosecutor promptly disputed the claim.

The motion, introduced in Austin, followed the themes struck by DeLay in public appearances since the grand jury's action, but it also added new details to his allegations of wrongdoing by Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle in the past two weeks. That was the period in which Earle presented the facts of his case to three separate grand juries and obtained two indictments that named three specific charges.

One was an allegation of conspiracy by DeLay and two political aides to violate Texas election laws by injecting illegal corporate contributions into state election campaigns. The other two were allegations that DeLay and his aides laundered the illegal corporate contributions through the Republican National Committee in Washington, and that they conspired together in organizing the scheme. -- DeLay Accuses Earle of Misconduct