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DC: Evans charged PAC for companion's travel expenses to Far East

The Washington Post reports: D.C. Council member Jack Evans now says that his political action committee paid some of the travel expenses of a close friend when she went on a trade mission to Asia with him last year.

In his weekly newsletter released Friday, Evans (D-Ward 2) said, "One of the expenses that the PAC covered was for the lodging of a friend, who traveled to China as part of an official Washington delegation." ...

An attorney for the PAC, N. William Jarvis, said yesterday that the $6,772.72 reimbursement not only went toward Ralls's lodging but also covered some of her travel inside China and Thailand and perhaps some meals that she and Evans had together. Jarvis said the reimbursement went to Evans because he was the one who covered those costs.

Asked whether it was appropriate to use the PAC to pay for some of Ralls's travel expenses, Jarvis said: "The PAC clearly believes so. It was a business-related trip in the political life of Jack Evans." ...

The campaign finance office, citing the audit it is conducting, said it would have no statement about the PAC's reimbursement for some of Ralls's travel expenses. -- Evans PAC Helped Pay for Friend's Trip