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Iowa: court upholds Governor's executive order restoring voting rights to ex-felons

The Des Moines Register reports: An Iowa court Friday upheld Gov. Tom Vilsack's executive order restoring voting rights to all felons who have served their state sentences.

Muscatine County Attorney Gary Allison challenged the July action by Vilsack, filing a petition to block it in District Court in Muscatine.

Vilsack, a Democrat, was criticized by Republicans for the move, which puts Iowa among 47 states that allow felons the right to vote.

Before Vilsack signed the order, felons could ask to have their voting rights restored but were subject to a lengthy process involving the state parole board and governor's office.

Republicans accused Vilsack of having a partisan motive for the action, which they said favored Democrats in the closely divided political battleground state. -- DesMoinesRegister.com

Thanks to TalkLeft for the link.

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