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Ohio: did support for a proposition fall from 61% to 25% in two days?

The Left Coaster asks: Did you vote on a touch-screen system last Tuesday? If so, how confident are you that your vote was registered correctly? Were you surprised at the results?

Well, if you lived in Ohio, you might have been very surprised at the results. After all, if the results are correct, people must have been spoofing the pollsters something awful.

How else to explain the fact that one of the Reform propositions regulating the amount individuals could contribute to a campaign that polls on Sunday before the election showed was supported by 61% of the people and opposed by 25% (14% undecided) failed spectacularly with 67% of the voters opposing it?

Did 67% of the voters really think that individuals should be able to contribute $10,000 to a candidate when only 2 days before the election the polls said that only 25% supported that position? Who knows? The state voted on Diebold voting systems, so there isn't any way to check. -- The Left Coaster: Tuesday's Election in Ohio: The End of Democracy?

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