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Texas: GOP agrees not to spend corporate money for issue advertising

The Houston Chronicle reports:
The Texas Republican Party today agreed to restrictions on spending corporate money in next year's elections in exchange for not being prosecuted for possible election law violations in 2002.

The party said it signed the agreement with Travis County Attorney David Escamilla without admitting guilt to save the party and taxpayers the cost of an expensive trial to defend itself if the party was indicted for its past activities.

But in the agreement, GOP Executive Director Jeff Fisher and General Counsel Frank Bryan Jr. agreed to three instances in which party spending in 2002 was "from an accounting perspective" done with corporate funds, which could be a violation of state law.

Escamilla said the state GOP in exchange for not being prosecuted agreed that it would not use any corporate donations for issue advertising related to any candidate for state or local office or for any get-out-the-vote efforts through March 31, 2007. -- HoustonChronicle.com - State GOP agrees to campaign-finance changes

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