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Alito: "Pride must go before he falls"

Derrick Z. Jackson writes in the Boston Globe: PRIDE MUST go before he falls. This is why Samuel Alito hopped to liberal burrows on Capitol Hill to proclaim the burial of his conservative ideology. ...

On one occasion, White House spokesman Larry Speakes said Reagan was ''proud" of his record on civil rights. Reagan himself said in 1985, ''We have a proud record on civil rights." That same year, Alito applied with pride for his promotion. In that application, Alito also claimed membership in the Concerned Alumni of Princeton, which called coeducation a ''fad" that ''ruined the mystique and the camaraderies that used to exist." It complained of ''subpar applicants being admitted primarily because they belonged to minority groups" and more students showing ''weak character."

A nominee so willing to prostrate himself to an administration that left virtually nothing to be proud of on civil rights is a solid warning that if Alito gets on the court, he will have no shame exhuming the ideology he claims has been buried. -- The masking of a conservative - The Boston Globe



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