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Michigan: FBI investigating Feiger's reimbursement of firm employees' contributions

AP reports: A former associate in trial attorney Geoffrey Fieger's firm said Friday that he and his wife each gave $2,000 to Democrat John Edwards' 2004 presidential campaign on the promise that they would be reimbursed by the firm.

Fieger, best known for defending assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian, is running for Michigan attorney general. On Wednesday, FBI and IRS agents raided his offices in Southfield.

They took payroll and other financial documents, as well as ticket stubs for an Edwards fundraiser and other campaign materials.

Joseph Bird, an attorney fired from Fieger's firm over the summer, told The Associated Press that about two weeks after he joined the firm in 2003, partner Ven Johnson came into his office, closed the door and told him that he was expected to give to the Edwards campaign. -- Lansing State Journal: Fieger ex-associate claims illegalities

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