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New Hampshire: First testimony in Tobin trial

The Bangor News reports: Looking pale from his recent seven-month stint in prison, the former executive director of the New Hampshire Republican Party took the stand Tuesday in the trial of a Bangor, Maine, man accused of being part of a conspiracy to block Democrats from using get-out-the-vote phone lines in 2002.

Charles "Chuck" McGee of Manchester testified in U.S. District Court that the idea to jam the opposition's phone lines in key communities in southern New Hampshire was his own.

McGee said James Tobin of Bangor, who was the Republican National Committee's political director for New England, gave him the name and number of the man who helped him implement the plan. ...

A former Marine, McGee said that he got the idea a few days before the 2002 election when he received a mailing in support of Democratic candidates that offered rides to the polls.

"It reminded me that the other side would have a get-out-the-vote effort on Election Day," he said. "It might have made me think of the idea of disrupting their communications. That eventually coalesced into phone-jamming."

In answer to a question from lead prosecutor Andrew Levchuk, McGee said that he had learned in the military that if the enemy "can't communicate, you can disrupt their operation." -- Witness describes Tobin's part in phone-jams - Judy Harrison (176)

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