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South Carolina: GOP charges Dems donated too much to their gubernatorial candidate

AP reports: The state Republican Party said Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tommy Moore has to give $4,000 to the Children's Trust Fund because his campaign accepted too much cash from the party.

Moore, a state senator from Clearwater, had already accepted a total of $4,000 from local Democratic parties in Edgefield and McCormick counties for his race when a $50,000 contribution came from the South Carolina Senate Democratic Caucus on Dec. 30.

"The maximum in any one election cycle from a party through all of its committees is $50,000 for a statewide race," said Herb Hayden, executive director of the state Ethics Commission. Under the law, Moore's campaign would have to donate the $4,000 excess to the Children's Trust Fund, Hayden said.

"We have found there was an oversight and have accepted $4,000 more" than the law allows, Tim Shock, Moore's campaign manager, said. Shock said the $50,000 check came in at the last minute as the campaign was in a crunch of tallying donations and preparing to use the state's new online contribution reporting system. -- State GOP says Democrats broke donation limit to Moore

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