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Michigan: Feiger predicts indictment for reimbursing his employees' contributions to John Edwards

The Detroit Free Press reports: Just two days after avoiding state criminal charges, attorney Geoffrey Fieger predicted Monday that a federal grand jury will indict him for illegal fundraising on behalf of John Edwards' 2004 presidential bid.

The federal charges would focus, Fieger said, on bonuses he gave to "civic-minded employees."

"I fully expect that I will be indicted by a grand jury who will indict a bottle of beer if the Republican U.S. attorney told them to do it," Fieger said in a prepared statement at a news conference. Federal investigators are trying to determine whether he tried to skirt federal limits on campaign contributions by funneling money through his employees.

Fieger's pre-emptive strike against possible felony charges came as little surprise to people who have become accustomed to his confrontational style during a meteoric career that has made him Michigan's best-known attorney, specializing in personal injury cases. At stake now are his freedom and his multimillion-dollar law practice. -- KRT Wire | 01/16/2006 | Fieger expects federal indictment over fundraising for Edwards

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