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Florida: bill to require voter registration in gun and bait shops

The St. Petersburg Times reports: A bill requiring gun and bait shops to offer customers voter registration forms passed a House committee Wednesday after its sponsor made changes to allay concerns it could hurt the businesses.

Rep. Greg Evers, R-Baker, eliminated fines up to $2,500 if shop clerks do not provide registration material, saying he did not want to put an "undue burden" on the shops.

He also made clear that store clerks would not help customers complete the forms nor collect them - a response to elections officials who fear the bill could undo the Legislature's own efforts to tighten the flow of voter registration information.

"It's up to the individual's responsibility to mail them" to a supervisor of elections office, Evers said.

But even those changes did not settle controversy over the proposal, which affects any business that sells hunting or fishing licenses, including Wal-Mart. The bill is a priority of the National Rifle Association. -- State: Voter drive bill moves forward

Voter lures? Bullets for ballots? Hmm, we need a catchy name for this.


Actually, it's already got a catchy name - "shooter voter."

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