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Abramoff clients gave less to Democrats after hiring him

The American Prospect reports: A new and extensive analysis of campaign donations from all of Jack Abramoff's tribal clients, done by a nonpartisan research firm, shows that a great majority of contributions made by those clients went to Republicans. The analysis undercuts the claim that Abramoff directed sums to Democrats at anywhere near the same rate.

The analysis, which was commissioned by The American Prospect and completed on Jan. 25, was done by Dwight L. Morris and Associates, a for-profit firm specializing in campaign finance that has done research for many media outlets. ...

The analysis shows:

  • in total, the donations of Abramoff's tribal clients to Democrats dropped by nine percent after they hired him, while their donations to Republicans more than doubled, increasing by 135 percent after they signed him up;
  • five out of seven of Abramoff's tribal clients vastly favored Republican candidates over Democratic ones;
  • four of the seven began giving substantially more to Republicans than Democrats after he took them on;
  • Abramoff's clients gave well over twice as much to Republicans than Democrats, while tribes not affiliated with Abramoff gave well over twice as much to Democrats than the GOP -- exactly the reverse pattern.
  • "It's very hard to see the donations of Abramoff's clients as a bipartisan greasing of the wheels," Morris, the firm's founder and a former investigations editor at the Los Angeles Times, told The Prospect. --
    Dems Don’t Know Jack

    Thanks to DailyKos for the link.

    This analysis shows the necessity of before-and-after comparisons as well as side-to-side comparisons. For instance, saying the crop yield per acre on two farms is the same gives a different impression than saying that one farm used to have 25% more per acre but now has fallen to the level of its rival after the formerly more fertile farm changed cultivation methods.

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