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Florida: Jeb disses petition-gathering groups

The Tallahassee Democrat reports: Before a crowd of business leaders Monday, Gov. Jeb Bush teed off on petition-gathering groups that have managed to get constitutional amendments before Florida voters.

The powerful Florida Chamber of Commerce plans to push lawmakers this year to make it harder for past ballot questions to pass.

Bush said he would also press for tougher restrictions on those groups in the legislative session that starts March 7.

''Democracy is imperiled a little bit when big donors that can't get their way through the traditional way of creating policy through the Florida Legislature, (and) secret donors who do not disclose who they are, come into our state from out of state to advance in many cases a left-wing political agenda,'' Bush told the crowd, ''to put things on the ballot that sound good but create long-term challenges for us.'' -- Tallahassee Democrat - www.tallahassee.com - Tallahassee, FL.

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