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Vermont: DNC files amicus brief in campaign finance case

The Barre Montpelier Times Argus reports: Six years after rejecting the spending limits of Vermont's campaign finance law in his own re-election bid, former Gov. Howard Dean on Monday announced that the Democratic National Committee would ask the Supreme Court to uphold it.

"I'm very proud as Democratic National Committee chair to be supporting this law," Dean told reporters during a press conference at City Hall in Burlington.

He announced the party's decision to file a friend-of-the-court brief in the most pivotal campaign finance case to be heard by the nation's highest court in three decades.

"I happened to have signed the legislation into law," Dean said, even though he chose to avoid its spending limits by declining public financing two years later in 2000. "We want to take a proactive role in campaign finance reform."

Dean's decision to lend the national party's support to Randall v. Sorrell was hatched over breakfast at the Oasis Diner here shortly before Christmas. Dean was noshing with the case's defendant, Attorney General William Sorrell, a close political ally of Dean's who will argue Vermont's case before the nine justices on Feb. 28. -- Times Argus: Vermont News & Information

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