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Alabama: Senate committee approves lobbying bill

The Birmingham News reports: Lobbyists would have to publicly reveal more of what they spend to entertain lawmakers or take them on trips, under a bill passed Thursday by the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee.

"Sometimes people just like to know what their elected representatives and elected governor and other constitutional officers are doing while on the job," said state Sen. Tommy Ed Roberts, D-Hartselle. "And if that's eating out or if that's playing golf or if that's taking at trip to a golf resort or whatever that is, they have a right to know what their elected people are doing."

Now, a lobbyist can spend $250 or less per day entertaining a lawmaker and not have to publicly report it. Under the bill sponsored by Sen. Hap Myers, R-Mobile, and co-sponsored by Roberts, a lobbyist would have to disclose in quarterly reports filed with the state Ethics Commission all money spent on entertainment, travel, lodging, food or beverage. -- Panel passes stricter lobby bill

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