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Pennsylvania: candidate's residency challenged

The Philadelphia Daily News reports: Former state Sen. Milton Street is considering another run for public office. But it will take approval from the Commonwealth Court to put him on the ballot.

Street, who listed a home address in New Jersey as recently as November, surfaced this week as a potential candidate for the Pennsylvania state House.

But his nomination petitions were rejected by the Pennsylvania Department of State, a spokeswoman said yesterday, because Street was unable to identify the district he was running in.

"That's something that can be amendable through Commonwealth Court," said the spokeswoman, Allison Hrestak. But it would take a petition to the court and focus early attention on Street's residency claims.

The state constitution specifies that House members be residents of their districts for one year before their elections, unless they are absent "on public business of the United States or this state," such as for military service. -- Philadelphia Daily News | 03/09/2006 | Milton Street's residency at issue in Pa. House try

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