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California: money a politician has but can't use

The Argus reports: California's political watchdog agency ruled former Assemblywoman Ellen Corbett improperly wanted to tap nearly $100,000 in leftover campaign funds for her current Senate race — a stinging decision she is appealing today.

If Corbett wins her appeal by faulting her campaign treasurer, she could open what state officials called a Pandora's box of other politicians trying to sidestep campaign finance laws by citing employees' errors.

Corbett is in a tight race against former Assemblyman John Dutra of Fremont and Assemblyman Johan Klehs of San Leandro for the Democratic nomination to the 10th Senate District, which includes Fremont, Newark, Union City and other East Bay cities.

Fair Political Practices Commission advisers are fighting Corbett's appeal, which asserts her "grossly negligent" campaign treasurer failed to meet the legal deadline for transferring funds from Corbett's old Assembly account to her new Senate campaign. -- Corbett appeals ruling on finances

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