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Florida: Harris promises to spend her fortune on Senate race

The St. Petersburg Times reports: In an attempt to salvage her sagging U.S. Senate campaign, Rep. Katherine Harris announced on national TV Wednesday night that she plans to pump $10-million of her own money into the race.

"I'm going to put everything on the line. Everything. Not just my career and my future but my father's name," Harris said. "It's going to take everything that I have and I'm going to put it in this race. I'm going to commit my legacy from my father."

Under federal campaign finance laws, kicking in millions of her own money could trigger a so-called "millionaire's amendment," which allows rivals to receive bigger campaign contributions.

But that will do little to help Nelson, unless Harris spent millions of her own money on the general election after the September primary. -- State: Harris: I'm in race all the way

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