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Florida: Harris now switches her story about where the money is coming from

The Orlando Sentinel reports:
In an effort to jump-start her sputtering Senate campaign, Rep. Katherine Harris went on national television invoking the memory of her late father and saying the money he left her will form the financial foundation of her challenge to Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson.

Now the Harris campaign says that's not the case.

Campaign spokeswoman Morgan Dobbs said Thursday that Harris will sell her existing assets rather than rely on money from her father, a bank executive who died in January. ...

The mixed messages left campaign observers puzzled.

"She pledged all her inheritance from her dad," said Susan MacManus, a political analyst at the University of South Florida. "Obviously, that's where people think it's coming from.

"To say something different now just confuses matters. And the last thing her campaign needs right now is to confuse people."

Ed Still, a Birmingham, Ala., attorney who specializes in voting law and campaign-finance law, said he was unaware of any legal reason that might prompt Harris to use existing assets rather than inheritance money.

The attorney, who maintains an election law Web site, said, "As long as the money's hers, it doesn't matter whether she earned it or it was left to her." Still said it may be that the estate money will take time to make its way through the court. -- Campaign says Harris won't turn to inheritance - Orlando Sentinel : State News

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